I know what you’re thinking:

Why should we invite Chad L. Downey to speak at our school, church, business, or youth group?

Well, that depends.  If you like run of the mill, textbook, boxed in speakers who only know how to repeat invalid, outdated ideas and turn YOUR theme into THEIR theme then you shouldn’t invite me.

However, if you are looking for a speaker who who has a relevant, fresh perspective on culture rooted in the ancient truths of the Bible and universal ideas that permeate humanity like Love, Intellect, Faith, and Emancipation, then yes, you should contact me.  If you’re looking for a man who is passionate about Christ, yet also passionate about and engaged in the goings on of culture and how they reflect our identity and character, again, you should contact me.  And, technically speaking, if you are looking for a speaker with  over a decade of experience with youth groups, youth counseling, youth motivation, development and leadership, and has been rigorously trained in both personal and professional life coaching; you should absolutely contact me.

Ok, that’s nice, but what else is there to your story?

Well, originally from a small rural community called Oak Hill in NC, I graduated from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC with a BS in Electrical Engineering, I worked as an Electrical Engineer for a number of years and then decided I wanted to be a scientist so I became a Certified Clinical Researcher. I’ve also started a couple of businesses focused on Human Development, Web Development, and Clinical Research. All of this has taught me that no matter where you come from or your cultural background, if there is anything you believe that you can do, you can do it. It also taught me a responsibility to people who may share some of my same struggles not only in corporate or academic environments but in life in general.  I don’t believe in using race, class, sex etc. as an excuse but being a Black male from a small, lower middle class region of the Deep South obviously has its challenges.  Still, by having a family and community who taught me my Christ-like identity very early on in life and recognizing the strength in that identity; the challenges were real but not debilitating.

Without completely recalling my resume, over the years I have learned how biblical truths apply to everyday life and how they not only define ultimate success and purpose but how they maximize who we can be as human beings.  We have an identity and pedigree that is way more magnificent than we typically consider it to be.  I think…no, I KNOW there are people who would love to understand these principles and how they apply to everyday life. That’s another reason you should contact me.

Hmmm…okay. So what are some of the topics you typically talk about?

Well, first, let me reiterate.  If you have a specific topic that I believe I can address in depth and with technical expertise and passion then I can make that my priority and speak on whatever topic suits your organization’s needs.  However, if you have an idea of what you would like me to speak on but don’t have a nailed down topic yet, here are a sample handful of a number of topics that I likely have delivered previously and can mold to provide a custom speaking experience for your group:

And your rate?

Ahh…the rates.  That always comes up, huh?  It’s fine.  Actually, I am competitive with other speakers with similar backgrounds.  Because events, groups, topics, and venues vary so widely and with that comes a varying degree of preparation to achieve my personal expectations for myself as a speaker, I prefer that potential clients contact me directly for inquiries.  The time and effort it takes to prepare a 15 minute talk for a small after school program of five students is vastly different from the preparation and concentration that it takes for a 45 minute presentation for 2000 high school students or 30 corporate attorneys.

With that in mind, contact me and let’s discuss how we can work together.